Wednesday, May 14, 2008

خبر خــــــــطـــــــــــــير!!!؟؟

'Root out gays in our schools'

MANAMASCHOOL students could soon be spied on under a campaign to stamp out homosexuality, under demands made by MPs yesterday. Parliament also demanded that the Interior Ministry stop granting any residence permits to foreign homosexuals.Any already here should be deported as soon as they are detected, MPs said at parliament's weekly session. MPs also called for regular inspections to root out homosexuals at massage parlours, health clubs and hair salons.It also called for monitoring in schools and for pupils who veer towards homosexuality to be punished.They voted in favour of an Al Menbar bloc proposal to oblige the government to prepare a study to determine how widespread homosexuality is in Bahrain. The proposal has been studied by the foreign affairs, defence and national security committee, which recommended it.Committee members also included their own demands, which they want the government to fulfil.Amongst these are obliging the Industry and Commerce Ministry to monitor massage and hair salons to ensure that they have no closed rooms and that violators be prosecuted.The committee is also demanding that the Education Ministry carefully monitor students and punishes those veering towards homosexuality.MPs urged the ministry to raise awareness amongst students, possibly through lectures given by visiting health specialists, psychiatrists, or sociologists.Committee secretary and Al Menbar MP Shaikh Mohammed Khalid Mohammed said that people were complaining about homosexuals entering the country to work in massage or hair salons.'Those people are either from the Philippines or Thailand and they come for these two jobs, which they use as a curtain for their homosexual behaviour and immorality,' he said.

بختصار ان كل واحد يشتبة بأنة مثيلي او اذا حت واحد مغاير و تأمرو الناس علية و اشتكو علية ان مثيلي ينسجن او اذا كان مثيلي ينسجن و يعرض إلي جلسات كهرباء
والله شنسوي الله يجازي من كان السبب

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